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We make a lot of choices

We make a lot of choices

We are living on a wonderful planet, at an amazing time where each of us can help shape our future by making good choices every day.                                                                                                                                                              Here at Starboard we make a lot of choices that impact the environment. We are banning virgin plastics in any way possible. We also calculate our entire company’s CO2 emission –  then set targets and work out how to offset it. Our mangrove contribution to the Thor Heyerdahl Climate park in Myanmar means we’re even carbon net positive. Our office crew is doing weekly 'Trash Hero' events with local schools to show them the importance of recycling and up-cycling.We invite you out to come paddle in the Mangrove park, join us for a Trash Hero event, and when you’re out for a SUP session, use our paddle picker every time you get a chance.                                                                                                                                                              Our ultimate goal? Decrease our negative impact significantly year by year – and inspire everyone to become more useful passengers on the spaceship Planet Earth.                                                                                                                                                              Svein Rasmussen

Why blue ?



We partnered with Parley as we also believe the power for change lies in the hands of the consumer and that purpose is the new luxury.

We work with Sustainable Surf, the catalyst that transforms surf culture into a powerful force  for protecting the ocean playground.

Our SUPkids collaboration introduces kids to paddle boarding, water safety , environmental  protection and makes kids  ambassadors for the planet.

Starboard supports Watertrek, the SUP specific force to help clean up our waterways, our most precious resource.

The Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar has the potential to mitigate 1 Billion ton C02 through Mangrove planting. All our board customer are automatically supporting the project, creating  direct positive  impact. We are test  pilots and marketeers of the project and want to engage the worlds most forward thinking entities to come on board.


Want to get on board

  • We’re stoked to be working with Starboard, our largest SUP and windsurf partner, and the first to shift their entire board range to plant-based epoxy resins. Their commitment to actively start the process to embed the values of sustainability throughout their entire product and packaging range, and to work with local communities to clean and protect the ocean is something to celebrate everyday – but especially on World Oceans Day.

    Michael Stewart
  • The oceans where we practice watersports regulate the climate and house 99% of the biosphere, controlling the weather and providing oxygen for every breath we take. We are excited to see ISA involved in the efficient mangrove planting program and look forward to reviewing all the participants flights and emissions for the total calculation to ensure that the mangrove planting will balance the emissions. Mangroves have a vital role in protection of lives and properties in vulnerable coastal communities from tsunamis and extreme weather. Mangroves increase sea food stocks up to 50% and have several important features that help curb climate change.

    Svein Rasmussen